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As a certified roofing contractor, Nu-Prime offers a variety of services, including replacement roofing, metal roofs, corrugated roofing, cedar roofs, tile roofs, slate roofs, and much more! Our roofers insure your home is well protected during demolition and installation. We are well versed in insurance claims as well. If you are looking for roof replacement, don't hesitate to call the experts at Nu-Prime for a free estimate!



New technologies have allowed siding to become a forefront in exterior home coverings as an effective and budget-friendly alternative to brick. Unlike wooden siding, cement board does not rot or require frequent replacement. Replacing your siding can also give us a chance to re-insulate and add structural integrity to your home--increasing its energy efficiency and longevity.

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Replacing the windows in your home will provide a variety of benefits. Replacement windows can improve your home aesthetic  as well as lower energy costs. Our windows are designed specifically to minimize heat loss in the winter and reflect powerful rays in the summer. Our Low-E  windows are developed from the highest quality insulated vinyl and are Energy Star Certified.

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